Mural Art

Lady Margaret paints on stone tile provided by local manufacturers. Paintings can be created to enhance any room or scene such as kitchens, hallways, restrooms, dining rooms, and outdoor leisure settings.

In order to maintain the uniqueness in her style, all ordered paintings are slightly modified by the artist. Paintings displayed on this site can also be modified to any customer’s specifications, and completely new works can be created using ideas and photos provided by customers.

Common images include fruit, animals, pots and vases, wine bottles, farms, or any other inspired ideas from customers.

Please browse images of past works. They are provided under the images section of this page (on the main timeline page) and are cataloged according to their respective categories.

Additional onsite detailing is available if requested at added cost to cover traveling expenses.

Prices may vary according to various factors, including, but not limited to: mural size, image complexity, and an order’s time frame.

Visit Lady Margaret’s portfolio to see the breadth and depth of her expertise.